About The Artists

John Robert Beck

A Little About Me (John Robert Beck)

I am a self-taught artist. I stared doing art actively in 2004, specializing in digital art.  I went full time as an artist in 2010. Since then, I have sold art in all 50 states and 14 countries.

A Little About My Art

My work is about the beauty of how forms work with each other, very similar to classical music.

My work is free form, yet structured. The use of color, shapes and form, blend with each other to give what I think are some remarkable effects.

I started out doing abstracts, but I also do animals, great architecture, art inspired by film, television and music.

On of the people that I admire and who inspired me to begin creating art was Frank Lloyd Wright. Here is a quote of his that really applies to my art

Color has a significance all its own, and is in a realm all its own. Color is the music of light, you see.

Frank Lloyd Wright, 1953

A Little About My Better Half (Shirley Beechan)

Shirley and I have been married since 1975. She and I have work together on some art projects, usually that means she does the art, and I offer some minor technical advice on the computer related parts.

 Shirley enjoys drawing and painting animals – especially cats and dogs.

 Artist Note: I studied at the Chicago Academy Of Art and the American Academy of Art. I have also studied with artist Walter Parke at the Palette and Chisel Academy in Chicago. I have participated in workshops with Bettina Steinke, Richard Schmid and Arne Westerman. – S.B.

Shirley Beechan